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  • North East India's Leader In Career & Education Fairs


  • The Career Options After 10th Standard

    Education after and before the 10th standard can be named as the two sides of the coin. Both play a crucial role in building the future of a student and at the same time, both cannot be separated from each other. Readmore

  • Steps for Choosing an Undergraduate Degree Program

    One of the common issues that the students are made to go through after passing class 12 is what to study next. However, much of the questions gets solved by the time a student passes out his higher secondary, because he is already settled with a stream. Readmore

  • Lynchpin India - Pioneers in Career and Eduaction Fairs for the people of the north east

    Education is a vital building block in a society. Especially in a culture as rich as ours, education, whether formal or informal, has run in the country for millennials through numerous generations altogether.Readmore

  • The leading event management organisation: Lynchpin

    At a time higher studies in Assam education have been made easy for the students to take up, but at the same time it has gone complicated as well. There is no doubt that one can think of easily pursuing higher studies and take up a subject that he wants Readmore

  • Why Participate in Career Fair?

    The educational fairs play a vital role in opening the door to a wider platform of education for the students. To be precise, this is a medium of promoting higher education and encouraging more students to pursue education on a higher level in well-known institutes. Readmore

  • Effective Communication: Why it is Vital for Students

    Developing communication skills is vital to make your point in your personal or professional life. No one will ever guess what you want if you don't communicate to them. For students, communication is an essential part of the success during their formative years. Readmore

  • Career Opportunities in the field of Medical Imaging

    Healthcare is touted to be the most productive in terms of job creation in the decade ahead. A large aging population and increased life expectancy as a result of advanced medical systems has resulted in increased employment opportunities in the healthcare sector. Readmore

  • How to Choose Colleges That Are Right For You

    The choice is yours. Picking a college course is much harder than making a choice for your high school education. Mainly because, the course you choose in college has a direct impact on the career you choose to pursue. Readmore

  • Graduate Career Options that Offer Good Pay

    Estimates reveal that workers with graduate degrees earn nearly twice as those who have only a high school diploma. There are also a number of jobs with high earning potential which graduates can consider. Readmore

  • How Lynchpin Is Changing the Landscape of Education Sector in Northeast India?

    The north-eastern region of India comprises of the seven sister states - Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. It also includes the Himalayan state of Sikkim. Readmore