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  • North East India's Leader In Career & Education Fairs

Who We Are


Education is never a business; it's an investment for the future - a future where change takes the lead. We, at Lynchpin aim to set that change in motion. With Edufestâ„¢ and Edu-Options who have now become trusted brands for education fairs. Lynchpin is proud to be a pioneer of education fairs in the North East and now extended internationally to Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh as well. Over the last 15 years, our fairs have become a standard of success for participants, and even more for students who eagerly wait for the annual event. Our exhibitions are among India's best-attended and most effective student recruitment fairs. They have become the most successful and sought after platforms that provide India's top institutions and universities an opportunity to meet potential students in all streams. We already have about 170 events to our name. Headquartered in Guwahati, it gives us a local advantage of being close to our students and helps us in understanding their requirements better. We are very selective about our participants and allow only accredited institutions to be a part of our fair. Many of them have turned into our biggest mascots who have spread their success stories to education providers across the country.

why participate in our exhibitions

  • Lynchpin Exhibitions are India's best attended and most effective student recruitment fairs.
  • We have been organizing exhibitions in North East For over 15 Years, our twin exhibition series are most trusted brands among both the student community and visiting education institutes for admission.
  • Our exhibitions attract the most premium brands in education in the country.
  • A cost effective platform to target key student markets in North East through 2 series of exhibitions.
  • Lynchpin does not allow any agent /consultant participations in exhibitions. This ensures that only genuine students visit our fairs.
  • Edufest & Edu-Options Are India's only education fair series where International Brands such as British Council, USEFI, Thai Government, World's Top 20 Universites, sponsor and participate.
  • Only accredited institutions are invited to Lynchpin's education exhibitions to ensure that the region's students get the opportunity to enroll in India's very best.
  • Our media partners are selected keeping every state in mind and we associate with print and television leaders in the Northeastern States.
  • In 2015, other fairs in the region did not even attract 20% of stalls of a Lynchpin exhibition and therefore hardly attracted any students visitors. Students of North East are very clear that Lynchpin exhibitions are a brand which are the biggest as well as attract the best known colleges of India.
  • Being headquartered locally (Guwahati), we have the requisite knowledge of the region so vital in organizing exhibitions in this sensitive region.