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With over 17 years of experience in organising education exhibitions throughout the North-Eastern states and West Bengal, Lynchpin knows what works best for the students and the institutions. We believe in keeping things simple for both students and institutions and the simplest formula we adhere to is "communication". In this age where the education market is oversaturated for all stakeholders, our research-driven strategies have helped us serve better.

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Important Facts Northeast India's Student Market

66.35% of North East students migrate for higher studies, out of which, 78.15% for graduate studies, 11.48% for Engineering/managerial, 6.80% for Research/Ph. D. and 3.57% for medical studies. North East India has the lowest ratio of Higher Education institutions to students According to the University Grants Commission (UGC) data, over five lakh students from eight states of the northeast ventured outside the region last year due to lack of proper higher education facilities. Easy Availability of education loans and rising incomes of parents has enabled them to invest money in their child's education and send them out of the region for quality education.

Lynchpin India Our International Exhibitions

We also organised education exhibitions for several International government agencies. In 2007, we organised the Study New Zealand roadshow in Kathmandu for the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise to promote New Zealand among the students of Nepal. We also held the Study Thailand Education Fair in Kathmandu, in 2008 with the Department of Export Promotion, Government of Thailand to promote Thailand Universities among the students. In 2013, we held the Study in India exhibition in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2013, supported by the Indian High Commission in Bangladesh. We organised the 4th Bhutan International Education Fair in Thimphu, Bhutan in 2014 in association with Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.




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