Universities at Your Doorstep

Be it after the Examinations or post-declaration of the results, you are, obviously, looking for the best universities and colleges which match your outcomes and at the same time adhere to your needs. And with EDUFEST, we cut that task short and bring the best of the World-class universities right at your doorstep.
We facilitate one-on-one interactions, expert guidance sessions and also application into the top universities and colleges under one roof. Because running amok to find the career that resonates with your needs is passé. Just visit the Lynchpin exhibition closest to you and choose the column-titlemn-titlerses you want in the universities you dream of.

Upcoming Events

  • A platform to connect with the students of North East India and siliguri during the crucial admission season.
  • One to one interaction between the college representatives and prospective students and their parents.

Get expert counselling and guidance from professional education counsellors. Interact directly with delegates from top national-international universities and colleges. Explore career options, know future prospects of chosen careers and find out which career suits you best.