With over 22 years of experience in organising education exhibitions throughout the North-Eastern states and West Bengal, Lynchpin knows what works best for the students and the institutions. We believe in keeping things simple for both students and institutions and the simplest formula we adhere to is "communication". In this age where the education market is oversaturated for all stakeholders, our research-driven strategies have helped us serve better.


Echoes with your success tales

Our growth trajectory is a reflection of the services we have provided to our students and the guest universities. Our greatest strength has been the bridging of the communication gap between the two, which in itself simplifies the task of finding the appropriate courses, universities or colleges for the students and finding an impressive mass of students for the guest universities and colleges. We with our understanding of the markets and its demand create the point of interaction and this is what we do best.

Everything you deserve

Our fairs have the reputation of bringing together a world full of possibilities at one place. A young crowd of zealous students seeking to shine in the world are open to ideas and these ideas create our future. From very specific courses to broader ones, we make sure the options for you are the best and many. Interaction sessions with the universities to open up the world of career options or expert guidance session by professional career counsellors, we make sure you choose the best from among what you seek and deserve.
Our growth story is a reflection of our position in the East and North-East Indian market. Where do we want to be in the coming years? We aim to maintain our rank at the top and at the same time expand horizontally to a larger mass consisting of both students and educational institutions.